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“We don’t want our digital lives to fade away. If we want to preserve them, we need to make sure that the digital objects we create today can still be rendered far into the future — If there are photos you really care about, print them out.” Vint Cerf, Google CEO warning our generation about only having digital negatives of important information.

Remember looking through photo albums at your grandma’s house? We still design and make quality, hand-made albums.

Remember walking up the stairway of your parent’s house and seeing your childhood laid out in chronological order? We still print, heirloom quality prints and include framing options to keep it simple.

Remember walking through a Family History Center or museum and seeing the canvas printed photos, carefully being preserved away from sunlight? We still print canvas prints of your family.

You are creating your own family history! Don’t let the digital age leave your future generations wondering what their progenitors did before them.

Leave a legacy for your family. 

To view our session pricing, visit the portfolio tab at the top of the page. Each gallery shows the investment you will be making for preserving your family legacy.

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